The sports world is currently in the grip of a new physio trend called Biokinetics. With its origins firmly rooted in the history of the South African rugby team, it is now a widely available treatment here in the UK. Many sports therapists are taking on new clients to help with rehabilitation from injury.

Men having back massage

By focusing on making sure that an individual’s posture is correct, a Biokinetics specialist can aid athletes in their rehabilitation. By correcting a person posture you can ensure muscles fire more efficiently which in turn can aid functional movement and reduce pain. It is without doubt one of the best physio treatments to build balance and reduce inflammation post workout.

The Biokinticist will tailor a program of movement patterns based on why the client has pain in the first place. The aim is always to increase the patients range of movement as much as possible with minimal or zero pain. Once a balance between muscles and the skeletal system is achieved then the patient can start to improve sports performance and reduce their chance of further injury.

This treatment can be applied to everyone and can be of particular use to professional athletes who are training intensively a number of times a day. Famous athletes from the world of athletics, football and golf have all been known to benefit from regular treatments.

Historically people would reach for a prescription when pain hit. More and more people though are looking for alternative medicines with physiotherapy being just one of the treatments been explored. The belief is that a body can be fixed (in many cases, not all) through the correct analysis of movement patterns and the way in which muscles become activated during an activity.